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1. Secret Combinations - Music Video (04:52)

To begin this course, this music video sets the tone. Written in 1995, it's quite prophetic, describing what's going on today and what our future may hold. In the last few minutes, Ezra Benson clearly defines "Secret Combinations".

2. Remdesivir - A Drug Intentionally Killing Covid Patients in USA (10:20)

Dr. Bryan Ardis gives a stunning presentation in just over 10 minutes, exposing the true intentions of Anthony Fauci (a mass murderer of millions).

3. 17 Minutes About Masks (17:00)

A real eye-opener. Includes a Download .pdf -- 40 reports from mask manufacturers and top medical journals, all saying masks do not block viruses.

4. A Clear Explanation (26:37)

Very early in the fake pandemic, Reverend Danny Jones nailed the whole situation. This is one of the best explanations you'll ever hear.

5. Out of Shadows - Film (01:13:00)

What a sobering documentary of a Hollywood stunt man's awakening. His testimony cannot be refuted. May we all awaken, as he did.

6. Billy the "Killer" Gates(03:47)

A mock-Bill Gates animated confession that could not be more accurate! What a chilling, evil globalist the real life Bill Gates truly is.

7. Plandemic Indoctornation - Film (01:15:20)

This film won "Best 2020 Documentary" at the 2021 European Film Awards.

Very much worth your time.

8. It's Just a Mask (03:36)

Creepy Joker tells us not to be "a Jerk" and wear a mask, get vaccinated, for the greater good.

9. Wake up to Secret Combinations (11:21)

The situation on Earth is not political, medical or social. It's purely spiritual in nature. We are in a heated battle between good and evil. It's a spiritual war. This video illustrates this war better than any other produced.

10. The Chloroquine Cure! (13:07)

A segment of this video had the most 1-day views in Internet history and was removed by YouTube the next day. Why? Because it presented a cure that the vacinne-agenda globalists did not want known.

11. We Won't Get Fooled Again - Music video(02:47)

A psychedelic Electronic Dance Music remake of the 1971 Hit by "The Who". So applicable today!

12. Positive Testing is 90+% False! (14:02)

Wow, the whole world duped, fooled, deceived with the false covid testing process. 94% of deaths were falsely attributed to Covid. Why? A Global vaccination agenda, that's why.

13. Church Appeasement as Doctors Testify (18:20)

What a deception from the globalists, and what cowering has taken place by most every church organization on the planet. 15 doctors testify as Bill Gates admits on camera he is altering DNA with his vaccines. Churches must stand up against tyranny! If not, then demands upon our freedoms will increase until we have none.

14. Mass Psychosis (04:14)

The most amazing 4 minutes that sums up everything!

15. Defeat the Mandates in D.C. + Freedom Land Music Video (07:33)

Wow, does Emmy award winning Journalist Del Bigtree lay it out with power! Followed by a right on music video, "Freedom Land" by singer / songwriter Timothy Wilson.

16. The Ivermectin Cure! (02:43)

December, 2020 -- Pierre Kory, MD, representing thousands of doctors who agree with him, testifies before Congress, reporting IVERMECTIN is a miracle drug, saying, "If you take it, you will not get sick."

17. Nick Hudson of PANDA (PANdemic Data & Analytics) (27:02)

Wow, did Nick ever nail it a year after the global hoax began. If this doesn't wake up your friends, nothing will.

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